LED Industrial Lighting

A Greener NJ, LLC proudly offers excellent solutions for the lighting any interior commercial space with our industry leading LED Industrial Lighting Fixtures, LED Lighting Controls, our Air Destratification Fans, and our SunTracker Active Skylights. Combining all FOUR Sustainable Solutions will dramatically lower the cost of operation by as much as 70% or more while significantly improving productivity, safety, accuracy, comfort, and learning – all of which dwarf the energy savings.

Sustainable Solution #1)
Our SunTracker Active Skylight brings in abundant, fully diffused natural daylight from an hour past dawn to an hour before sunset, all with no heat gain, HVAC loss, glare, or UV damage.

One ST400 installed every 25’ O.C. will make the
inside of any facility seem like it’s outside, even with no windows.

This is a facility in Folcroft, PA at 4:23 PM with NO lights on!

Sustainable Solution #2)
Replace every HID Fixture – Metal Halide, HPS (High Pressure Sodium), Halogen, or T12, T8 or T5 Fluorescent fixture with our energy-efficient LED Industrial Lighting High Bays.
While there are several ways to retrofit your existing fixtures, nothing can compare with new LED fixtures with optics specifically designed for industrial lighting.
Upgrading to LED industrial lighting will lower your energy usage by 50% to over 70% while dramatically improving the quality of the light! We often double, even triple the old light levels, at a better color temperature which makes everything look better with more accurate colors – while still using far less energy. 

This will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year!
Upgrading with our LED Industrial Lighting Fixtures will also dramatically reduce, even eliminate maintenance for 10 years or more. And recycling of tubes, lamps and ballasts will become a thing of the past!

Sustainable Solution #4) LED Lighting Controls. We offer much more than simple on/off motion sensing. If daylighting is part of the solution, we highly recommend our wireless dimming/control system that can be operated from any phone or tablet anywhere in the world! And dimming an LED fixture is a tremendous thing to do. When an LED is dimmed, the wattage is reduced twice as much as the lumen output, so no LED should run at full power. A 20% drop in wattage would be an 8% to 10% drop in lumens, which no one will notice off the top. Doing so makes the LEDs and electronic components work less hard, thereby increasing the rated life by 20%!

Dimming the lights based on the activity within the space, with the upper limit based on how much daylight is coming in, will provide incredible energy savings while potentially doubling the rated life! This adds tremendous value to any project – both in an additional 10-30% energy savings and an increase in rated life.

Sustainable Solution #4) Air Destratification: 
Hot air rises and cold air sinks (Air Stratification) and traditional HVAC solutions struggle to keep the air temperatures even within a vertical space. Our Air Fans are mounted 6” from the roof deck and drive that overheated, stale air all the way to the floor, turning it into a virtual heat sink, and then thoroughly mixing it. Within 1 day, any space will become dramatically more comfortable.

The energy savings will be 25% or more all winter in the NE and 10-15% all summer – and moving air is more comfortable. As a bonus, the LED high bays will last longer and perform better if they are not stuck in stagnant, overheated air. In fact, many LED High Bay manufacturers will void the warranty if their fixtures are in constant 1250 or higher air temperatures!

While all four sustainable solutions are would be tremendous to implement and will improve productivity beyond anyone’s comprehension, we fully understand each company needs to proceed however they can.

Upgrading all the lighting in any commercial, industrial facility to LED Fixtures will provide the greatest savings and benefits. All our fixtures come with dimmable drivers so adding controls from the beginning OR later is always a possibility.

A Greener NJ, LLC will visit your site and provide a detailed lighting analysis. We will then produce a comprehensive, itemized proposal and ROI calculation so every client is aware of the cost, the rebate amounts, the savings, and how long the payback will take – in advance.

Once approved by the client, A Greener NJ, LLC submits all rebates, coordinates with either our client’s electrician, their in-house staff, or we will arrange for one of the several electricians we work with to provide the qualified installation services. We then oversee the entire installation to insure everything is installed and that every
client’s expectations are exceeded.

A Greener NJ, LLC can also arrange for optional 100% financing that is almost always Cash Positive from the beginning. This frees up cash flow and other lines of credit while allowing the project to move forward while letting the energy and maintenance savings pay for it all.

How can we help your industrial facility become more sustainable?