Lighting costs are a significant part of any facilities budget – on average, 19% of the total energy usage of any building – often more. We offer LED lighting solutions that can significantly reduce the cost of your lighting – 50% to over 90% – while dramatically improving the quality of the lighting – in ways never imagined.

The human eye also perceives LED lighting to be cleaner and brighter, even at the same footcandle reading. LED lighting solutions now come in a much wider variety of color temperatures and beam angles (light distribution) than traditional lighting offers. We even offer tunable color temperature LED lamps and fixtures based on the latest NASA and university research on Human Centric Lighting.


A Greener NJ, LLC provides a personal value-added service – someone who will work closely with you throughout the design and installation to ensure you are getting the best quality lighting solution at the best possible price. We work directly with several LED manufacturers to get you the best pricing.

We personally oversee every installation and will be there – on site – to ensure everything has been installed properly and that you are 100% satisfied with the results.

Our LED lighting solutions are never a compromise! Included in our comprehensive service are free lighting analysis, ROI payback analysis, and utility analysis. We are also experts in obtaining all availible rebates in every state that offers them.

Benefits of LED Lighting

  • Better Quality Light! Click HERE to learn more!
  • Cleaner, more accurate light.
  • Significant energy savings - 45% to 90% or more!
  • Quick paybacks - from 4 months to 2-3 years, typically.
  • Impressive ANNUAL IRR (Internal Rate of Return) - Guaranteed. These are always 20% to over 100% per year once paid back. 20% to over 100% Guaranteed - year after year! A saved watt is a saved watt and energy costs are not going down or away.
  • Very impressive long term cumulative savings over the LEDs’ rated life. With no inflation in the calculation.
  • Reduces maintenance costs by 50% to 90%.
  • Eliminates recycling after the upgrade.
  • With better quality light, productivity, safety, accuracy and learning all improve dramatically.
  • Through our Energy Savings Share Program, the cost of upgrading your lighting can be LESS than what you spend now to keep your existing lighting on = Immediate Positive Cash Flow.
  • With our advanced, Wireless Lighting Controls, the savings become event more significant.
  • Our Wireless Controls and Wireless Motion Sensor technology improves parking lot safety, too.
  • State Rebates: We will file for any available rebates on your behalf as part of our comphrehensive services.
  • Tax Savings: The 179D Federal Tax Deduction can provide significant tax savings. We have the expertise to maximize this benefit for your company.

In Action

Use the slide divider to see our before and after pictures. The results speak for themselves!


Savings with LED lighting solutions in New Jersey is very straight forward – a saved watt is a saved watt. All our ROI calculations are clear and transparent. However, it depends on several factors.

As an example: If you have 50W MR16’s and we replace them with 7W LED MR16’s, you will save 86% on energy. Since they last 17 times as long, the maintenance savings = 94%! In addition, since Halogen MRI’s run at 200° (try touching one bare handed when they’re on!), the HVAC savings will be an additional 50% of the energy savings!

These typically have a 4 month ROI if they are on 24/7/365 – like in an elevator or over a hotel lobby desk! That translates to a 345% IRR annually.

However, if they are track lights in a museum only open 5 hours a day 4 days a week – the payback will be much longer. But the LEDs will also last much longer – literally decades. And since LEDs emit no UV light, it’s better for the artwork. And with the truer color temperatures, the artwork will look better, too.

For exterior parking lot lighting, the savings are very significant. Paybacks are now always between 12 and 36 months with the state rebates. This translates into an Annual IRR of 33% to 100% – Year after Year for the life of the LED!

We also have Wireless Dimming Controls that will automatically dim the lights up to 70% or whatever your acceptable after-hours light level is. This increases savings, lowers the payback time by several more months, improves the annual IRR, and lengthens the rated life of the LEDs! We can also provide motion sensors with immediate cell phone notification for added security.

In schools, LED lighting provides superior quality at the proper color temperatures to stimulate alertness and learning. These new LED fixtures also feature Daylight Harvesting Sensors so the fixtures nearest the windows will use less energy than the fixtures furthest from the windows. We even have color tunable fixtures that mimic the various color temperatures of daylight – Human Centric Lighting. This has profound benefits to school children and their teachers. Human Centric Lighting is beneficial for adults in offices, too!

The most important thing to remember is – your situation, your facility is completely unique. We will evaluate your situation carefully and thoroughly and provide you with the best solutions for your needs, both in price and quality.

We will show you, in however much detail you desire, how much you will save and how quickly: and if you want to, we will track your savings post installation.

We also facilitate and handle the rebate process on your behalf at no additional cost, which adds to your savings and improves the ROI payback.

Included in our comprehensive services are:

  • Free on-site lighting analysis
  • Free detailed, itemized proposals
  • Free ROI calculations
  • Free photomestrics if needed or required
  • Free rebate submission

Call today for your free lighting consultation and see how much your facility can save on lighting costs!


LED Interior

  • LED Lamps - Flood, Spot, A-19 (Lamp) and B-10 (Chandelier)
  • LED Fixtures - Troffers - 2x2, 1x4 and 2x4 fixtures in ceiling tiles.
  • LED Fixtures - Track Lighting
  • LED Fixtures - Recessed Fixtures
  • LED Fixtures - High Bay & low Bay
  • LED Fixtures - Cove and Specialty lighting.
  • LED Fixtures - Exit Signs
  • LED Fixtures - Stairway and Occupancy Sensors & RF Meets ASRAE 2010 and CA Title 24 Regualtions

LED Exterior

  • LED Parking lot Fixtures
  • LED Wall Pack Fixtures
  • LED Flood lights and Spot lights
  • LED Bollard Fixtures.

‘We have direct access to over two dozen manufacturers to insure we provide the best products at the best price for your unique facility!’