LED Lighting Company NJ

LED Lighting Company NJ

At A Greener NJ our mission is to re-imagine buildings into high-functioning, sustainable environments by providing energy solutions that promote a better quality of life and optimal productivity. While the net win for our clients is cost savings and efficiency in both energy and productivity, we see the bigger picture as dramatically lowering yours and our carbon footprints on the environment. One of the ways we do this is by focusing on better lighting solutions. LED lighting is state of the art for today’s commercial buildings.

What are LED Lights?

LED, or light emitting diode, is a light source that uses a diode instead of a filament. A diode moves electrons inside of a semiconductor, resulting in light. These electrons permit current to flow in only one direction. The light created within these diodes is cool, whereas incandescent light is heated by the filaments. The coolness of the light makes LEDs safer, as well as reducing building cooling costs. LEDs use 20% of the energy of other traditional lighting sources. As well, LED bulbs can last up to 30 times longer than conventional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Lighting can account for as high as 20% or more of the overall energy costs of a building. LED lighting can dramatically reduce energy costs because it is cooler and the bulbs last so much longer. It is estimated that LED lighting can save 50 – 90% of your energy costs related to lighting.

While LED bulbs still cost more than traditional bulbs, they last thousands of hours. The return on investment is greater than the upfront expense. Plus, the cost of maintenance to change out lamps is greatly reduced. Your maintenance personnel can spend their time more efficiently.

LED lighting is gentler on the human eye and has a wider spectrum of colors. Unlike a fluorescent or incandescent bulb, there isn’t perceivable movement within the light source. Traditional bulbs have movement of light between two sources or filaments. LEDs move in one direction. There is no flickering sensation of the emitted light.

Compared to traditional low voltage lighting, like PAR and MR lamps, LED lamps do not get so hot that they can’t be touched. We have witnessed situations where MR-16 bulbs have actually melted or damaged merchandise that they were placed too close to in retail shops. Low voltage fixtures also require a transformer. Multiple transformers can cause a vibrating noise that can be disturbing and stressful.

In most cases, there are significant tax incentives and utility rebates associated with upgrading your facility with more energy efficient LED lighting.

Commercial Applications for LED Lighting

We evaluate each project based on client’s expectations and budget. We will start with an on-site lighting analysis, followed by a detailed proposal. We will do a Return on Investment calculation, and assist with the submission for incentives and/or rebates. Our project managers oversee every installation.

We do many types of interior and exterior commercial projects. Here is an overview of some of the types of installations we can do.

LED Lighting for Retail Centers

Whether it is a big box store, a supermarket, or a strip shopping center, the goal is to provide a comfortable and safe shopping experience for all customers. The proper lighting can help people feel happier and more engaged while shopping. A well lit parking lot can make everyone feel safer.

Switching from fluorescent interior lighting to LED can provide better brightness and offer a better color spectrum so that items look as they will actually appear once outside the store. Making the switch from high or low pressure sodium lamps on the exterior will increase visibility and get rid of that dated orange glow. Both of these retrofits are likely to increase retail sales and will definitely decrease energy costs.

With LED lighting and controls you have the ability to create unique atmospheres in different areas of your store to further enhance your shoppers’ experiences. We can set up your lighting controls to coincide with the amount of daylight the center or store receives. This will save even more on energy costs during a sunny day. Wireless motion detectors can be installed to reduce lighting costs on the exterior.

For brand recognition, we can use dynamic LED displays for signage, or place appropriate LED lights over your existing sign or entrance awning.

LED Lighting for Hotels and Restaurants

Hotel lobbies and hallways generally need more lighting than guestrooms and restaurant dining or bar areas, where you might be looking for more intimate ambiance. Commercial kitchens, however, need plenty of lighting with cooler lamps. This is where we can help with highly customized lighting solutions.

Lobbies can benefit from chandelier and recessed lighting combinations. Both traditional and contemporary chandeliers are widely available with LED lamps. Recessed LED lighting options are also widely available. Wall sconces, placed on timed motion sensors, work nicely in hotel hallways.

Hotel guestrooms mostly rely on table and floor lamps. The intention is to create a relaxing, home-away-from-home mood. Guest bathrooms generally require waterproof fixtures that are often recessed. Waterproof shower fixtures are available in LED.

Restaurant dining areas can be either intimate for fine dining or bright and cheerful for fast food. Fine dining establishments can greatly benefit from LED lighting that is placed on rheostat dimmers. For more casual dining, brighter lights with the appropriate color spectrum will help make the food look more appetizing. Fluorescent lighting often makes food look a bit off in color. We have thin, easy to conceal, strip lighting options for bars that are very popular. LED strips can provide continuous low-level light at the foot rail or on the underside of the bar top. It is also used on shelving to subtly highlight the bottle display. In bars with TVs, it is very important to provide lighting solutions that won’t produce screen glare.

Commercial kitchens require adequate lighting with cool lamps. Food prep areas need to be well lit. Lamps need to be cooler because the kitchen is already warm enough. Specialty, removable lenses can be placed over LED ceiling fixtures to allow for easier cleaning of grease and smoke.

Hotel pool and patio areas, as well as walkways, do well with ground level outdoor lighting. We can provide bollards with LED lamps, step lights, or even solar powered options. Whatever your hospitality lighting needs, a complete retrofit and upgrade to LED fixtures is a tremendous savings in overhead costs. Hotels are notorious for high energy costs due to lighting, as they require well lit, safe areas 24/7. Lighting alone can be 40% or more of utility expenses.

LED Lighting for Industrial and Manufacturing

Another giant commercial energy user is the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Many manufacturing plants run 2 or 3 shifts per day, requiring 24 hours of interior lighting and 12 hours of exterior lighting. Manufacturing facilities generally have tall, open ceiling bays that require very large and many fixtures to make sure the appropriate foot-candles of light are reaching the floor and work surfaces.

LED lights can be one directional. This works well in manufacturing plants where high bay lighting fixtures are needed to illuminate surfaces below and not upward.

Metal Halide fixtures used to be the norm in plants, warehouses, and parking garages. They provided a lot of light. One of the disadvantages of these fixtures is that they require a ballast in the housing that can be noisy. Imagine a manufacturing facility with hundreds or thousands of buzzing ballasts. LED lighting will reduce this kind of noise pollution.

It is possible to retrofit older industrial lighting fixtures into energy efficient and quiet LED fixtures. We can survey your lighting to determine if retrofitting is a cost effective option for you. Whether you retrofit or choose new lighting, the main objective is the comfort level and productivity of your work force. Better quality lighting always equates to higher output and happier/healthier employees.

LED Lighting for Offices

Working in a windowless office with a drop ceiling filled with 2×4 fluorescent lights is so common, yet very stressful. Fluorescent lighting can cause eye strain and fatigue. The movement of the light is annoying to many. The color is unnatural. The ballasts are noisy. Employees may have a tendency to want to take breaks frequently or to go outside to experience natural daylight.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could provide more energy saving and naturally colored light for your office environment? The gain for your company would be grateful and motivated employees who don’t mind being in the office. It is truly amazing what good LED lighting can do for mood and work ethic.

We can help you reduce your ceiling fixture output by introducing LED task lighting that is controlled by each individual employee. Everyone has different needs when it comes to task lighting. Adding focused task lighting under cabinets or on walls is actually a compassionate thing to do, especially for those with compromised vision. Employees can be encouraged to turn off task lighting when they get up from their desks to save energy. Our wireless dimming capability can help you reduce energy output during times when the office is not 100% in use.

There is no downside to upgrading office lighting to LEDs. The cost savings are tremendous, and the employee output is sure to increase productivity and profits.

Is LED Lighting Worth the Investment?

We have studied the positive impact that installing or upgrading to LED lighting has on human productivity and improved profitability. There are several factors to consider.

The first is the health and happiness of the people directly affected by this type of lighting. There is no debating that LED lighting is more humane. The color spectrum is better. The lamps are cooler. The light is stable. And, the noise pollution is reduced. People tend to behave well under better lighting solutions.

Next are the obvious environmental benefits. Again, less heat output and less noise pollution. There is less waste for our landfills because the bulbs last thousands of hours. Likewise, there is less manufacturing required because the bulbs last so long. The reduced carbon footprint on our environmental is commendable. Energy consumption is considerably reduced.

Then, there are the financial rewards. Stimulated workplace productivity, more engaging shopping experiences, and more comfortable dining and relaxation environments all promise to improve profits. Savings on utility costs will be noticed quickly, generally within 4 months. And, there are the immediate tax incentives and utility company rebates in most states.

We will go over all the potential Returns on Investments and costs associated with upgrading your current commercial facility or building a new facility. We specialize in comprehensive sustainable solutions that are more than just saving money on energy.

Our Sustainable Services

We aren’t just an LED lighting company. We provide several different services for more sustainable environments. Here is what else you can expect from our expert team.

SunTracker, Infectious Air Purification, Air Destrat Fan, Energy Saving Roofs

  • SunTracker daylighting solutions are active skylights we use to introduce natural light into your space. Natural daylight is essential for optimal performance. Our SunTracker Active Skylight features a Solar Powered GPS Motor. This keeps three highly reflective aluminum mirrors in perfect alignment with the sun throughout the day to illuminate buildings with abundant, free, healthy, fully diffused, natural daylight.
  • Infectious Air Purification uses a patented UV-C purification system to reduce bacteria and fungi from the air. This device is uniquely designed by combining an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) chamber and air circulating fans with an overhead ceiling light.
  • Air Destrat Fan installation provides thermal equalization of interior hot (rising) and cold (falling) air using patented ceiling mounted turbines to address the air destratification needs of most facilities, resulting in 10-35% savings in HVAC costs. This system provides maximum comfort level to building occupants.
  • Energy Saving Roofs are liquid coatings consisting of Kevlar, titanium, ceramic silica and a bonding agent that adhere to your existing or new roof to reflect UV rays and deter leaks. This is a taxable deduction.