A Greener NJ, LLC is pleased to offer our Energy Saving Share Program, a sustainable energy financing program.

This off-the-books sustainable energy financing provides a way  to upgrade all the lighting at a cost per month that will be typically LESS than what you are currently paying to keep your existing lighting on and maintained.

This translates to Immediate Positive Cash Flow.

When the rebates comes, it’s yours to keep.

When you potentially save money on your taxes, you keep that money, too.

And when the ESSP is done, you keep all the energy and maintenance savings for the life of LEDs.

This is also a One Page Application that does not require 3 years of financials.

This financing doesn’t impact your cash flow or other lines of credit, either.

An example : if you are currently spending $1500/month in energy and maintenance on your lighting and ESSP costs $800 per month for 5 years, you would save $700 every month for 60 months. This is equal to a 46% Monthly ROI! After 60 months, you start saving $1500 every month (plus inflation)

This sustainable energy financing also expedites the rebate process since all invoices are paid promptly by the finance company on your behalf.

A Greener NJ, LLC also has 100% financing for all our Sustainable Solutions. While this has a more rigorous application process, it also offers the opportunity to upgrade with no upfront costs and let the energy and maintenance savings pay for everything.

We offer the Energy Saving Share Program to help our clients move forward with Sustainable Projects without impacting cash flow or other lines of credit. This sustainable energy financing is unlike any other financing- this PAYS you money every month!