Roofs are rarely considered an asset – why not? Roofs are typically ignored until there’s a leak. What if you could have an energy efficient roof that never leaks and provides significant energy savings inside while creating a huge tax deduction THIS year?!


FFR-K1 is a huge advancement in energy efficient roof technology.
FFR-K1 is a liquid Kevlar/Titanium/Ceramic Silica One Part Thermoset Bonding Agent.
No mere coating, this incredibly strong energy efficient roof solution provides:

  • 20 year - no caveat roof warranty
  • So reflective and emissive (reflects heat) it will save 25%-33% on HVAC energy inside.
  • No tear off - environmentally superior.
  • Bonds to any and everything - and itself. No other ‘coating’ can do this.
  • No seams anywhere. And it’s always the seams that leak.
  • Can withstand 2” of hail at 140 mph - or the random HVAC tech dropping a wrench - it’s Kevlar!
  • Can be written off 100% the first year. Re-roof with a membrane and that is a 39 year amortization. Do you want the tax savings now or over 39 years?
  • No heavy equipment is needed on the roof and virtually no noise, so NO disturbance of the people inside the building. Perfect for offices, stores, hospitals, schools.
  • Made In America

In Action

Which would you rather have?




Energy Savings

  • Save 25% to 33% inside the building on HVAC costs during summer months.
  • Save 10% to 15% in winter months as the emissivity feature is throughout FFR-K1 – not just on the top side.
  • Installation savings – No Tear Off and no heavy equipment needed.