Hot air rises and cold air sinks, this is Air Stratification:

Thermal air destratification fans can save your business 10% to 35% or more on energy costs; with a typical ROI on energy costs alone of 12-36 months.

Airius’ patented process of thermal equalization consists of a series of ceiling mounted air turbines working in concert to address the air destratification needs of most facilities ranging in heights from 8′ to 100′. In addition to the 10% to 35% HVAC savings, the HVAC maintenance savings will be equally significant; and, most importantly, the people on the ground will be more comfortable.

Try as they might, typical HVAC systems struggle to provide this benefit, typically at a very high cost.

This is a smoke visualization test over a 121 second time period showing the even dispersion of air temperature using air destratification fans.

Benefits of Air Destratification Fans

  • 10% to 35% on HVAC savings through energy use alone
  • Lower initial cost and much lower installation cost than large commercial fans.
  • Much lower operating cost - just 15W for our Model 10 to a maximum of 350W for our Model 100 The large commercial fans operate at 1.5 horsepower - 111,824W!
  • Turns the floor into a virtual heat sink - ideal by loading dock doors and freezer doors
  • Paybacks are 12-36 months - often within the first heating season in many applications.
  • Calms down the HVAC system, reducing the cost of HVAC maintenance.
  • Improves people comfort and productivity. Click HERE to learn more!
  • Improves plant life - in greenhouses - both display and production - and atriums/conservatories.
  • Optional PHI unit (Photophosphorylation) is used to flood a space with airborne hydroperoxides.
  • Used to mitigate airborne bacteria, mold, viruses, smoke, odors and VOCs
  • Creates aggressive advanced oxygen rich atmosphere.
  • Kills 99% of Bacteria, Viruses, and Mold (Surface and Airborne)
  • Kills 85% of Gases and Odors
  • Made In America

In Action

This is a before and after of freezer cases.


  • 10%-35% or more HVAC savings. This is typically directly related to ceiling height.
  • Typical payback is 12-36 months. Many projects pay for themselves within the first heating season.
  • Productivity gains from human comfort levels rising - how much is that worth?
  • With plants, whether in a greenhouse, atrium or conservatory, both growth and blooming/fruiting is dramatically improved. This is often worth more than the energy savings.
  • With optional PHI unit - ideal where ever their are a lot of people - restaurants, schools, factories, retail.
  • What will these bacteria, virus and mold killing benefits mean to your bottom line?


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