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A Greener New Jersey, LLC
Real Solutions For
Today's Energy
Facility Manager
& Building Owner
A Greener NJ, LLC is a Suite of Sustainable Solutions
We transform buildings into High Productivity, Low Energy use Showpieces!

Sustainability is SO much more than saving money on energy.

While saving energy dollars and lowering your carbon footprint is
very important,
improving your facility to maximize the performance of your people is worth
10-100 TIMES the energy savings alone! It's called Human Centric Lighting.

We have the solutions to save 60% to 90% on energy usage for lighting
while dramatically improving the
quality of your lighting - and thereby productivity,
safety, accuracy, learning (26%!), retail sales, aesthetics, and
even building value!

We can also save 10% to over 50% on HVAC costs without ever touching any HVAC
equipment. More importantly, your people will be more comfortable, healthier
and happier - and even more productive.

A Greener New Jersey, LLC will help you find the answers.  
We have searched out the best and most cost effective technologies in each industry
so you can 'be green'
and significantly improve your bottom line!

Sustainability truly is Good Business! We are here to help.
LED Solid State Lighting

LED Lighting is Today's
Energy Efficient,
Long Lasting
Lighting Solution
For every Fixture In
Your Facility - Outside, too!
Literally keep ALL Your Lights
OFF - ALL Day Long!
With the Amazing
SunTracker Active Skylight
Air De-Stratification Fans

Hot air rises!
Cold Air sinks!
HVAC systems struggle!

Airius Fans fix this!

Regardless of your facility's age or condition -
whether it's 30 years old or still in the design stages - we can help...
It's what we do; and what we have done for so many facilities just like yours.

Please take a look at each Sustainable Solution we offer and
see how well they will help your people
and your bottom line.

Our on-site consultation & proposal generations are always free with zero obligation.
We submit all available rebate applications on your behalf at no additional cost, too.

Our ONLY goal is to exceed your expectations in both energy savings
and how well your facility will perform for your staff and visitors.

Just give us a call at 908-240-7484 or email me directly -
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